LBB Savers Club

What better way to attract customers than to offer them a discount right away?

With La Bella Baskets Savers Club, we make it easy for you. Every day, you can offer and receive 20% off on:

Over 400 gift baskets, flowers and cookie bouquets
Over 600 Personalized Gifts
Over 100 plantable greeting cards
Over 800 sterling silver charms

10% Off on all LBB Jewel Scented Line

In addition, you can share the savings on all gifts with your friends, family or your employees and customers! It’s a win-win situation every day. With the Savers Club, there are:

No coupons necessary
No limits on purchases
No expiration dates
No hassles.


  • Get Cash Back From 1,000 Online Stores Such As Target, Wal-mart, Macy's, Best Buy, Old Navy & More
  • Get 80% off on Hot Deals
  • Save Money – Get Online Printable Grocery Coupons
Imagine telling people that you care about that they have instant access to over 1,000 gifts at deep discounts, with no contracts and no hassles. Tell them there are even exclusive deals at 80% off, and they get cash back from 1,000 stores including Target, Wal-mart, Macy’s, Best Buy, Old Navy, and more. Plus, everyone will love our online printable coupons!

Our discount program is ideal for both businesses and families. We understand that in today's economy, times are challenging and many companies want to stand out from their competition by showing extra appreciation to their customers, employees, and associates without spending a fortune. Simply tell your business prospects they can even share this membership with their employees as an "employee benefit". Their employees will love the savings!

La Bella Baskets Savers Club is the perfect solution. We offer businesses an outstanding 20% off on gift baskets, flowers, personalized cookie bouquets, personalized gifts and over 100 plantable greeting cards every day!

For families, it’s like having their own discount store twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week; without ever having to pay retail prices. Imagine being able to save so much time finding just the right price for your gifting needs. La Bella Baskets has the perfect solution. We offer families our same outstanding 20% off on gift baskets, flowers, personalized cookie bouquets, sterling jewelry and personalized gifts, every day! Remember, families consist of Mom, Dad, the kids, distant relatives, and those brave servicemen and women serving overseas. This means that you can offer his and her gifts, wedding, graduation, and anniversary gifts, in addition to sending care packages to your troops in the field! We believe that you will find that La Bella Baskets covers each and everyone of your gifting needs.

Start being the hero by giving Mom or the other special women in your life the flowers, spa treatments, and thank you gifts they deserve. Be the last one to ever forget a birthday again with our express gifts for those special days that come only once a year. You owe it your friends and families to join this outstanding opportunity to always have the perfect gift ready to send at a moment’s notice.

Membership in the La Bella Baskets Savers Club is only $9.95 per year. Don’t delay, join today!